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YOUR College Coach | Recruiting

YOUR College Coach | Recruiting

Show Notes:

  • Round #1: What Information You Need To Know About Your Recruiting Coach?
    1. Do your research!
    2. How do you match what he’s looking for if you don’t know what he’s looking for?
    3. Understand that he has a lot of responsibilities, wears a lot of hats, make it Easy for him.
  • Round #2: Developing A Personal Relationship
    1. He’s watching you now, make sure your actions match your words!
    2. What to talk about, what not to talk about.
    3. Always respond!
  • Round #3: Did You Know That Coaches Compete Against Other Coaches For Player SPOTS?
    1. What sets you apart that will give your recruiting coach the edge?
    2. What’s the difference between a position coaches recruiting board and the master recruiting board?
    3. What gets you #1 on the master recruiting board.
  • Round #4: Assistant Coaches & Their Impact On The Recruiting Process
    1. What do you mean they have to sell my abilities to the head coach?
    2. How do they compete against other coaches for scholarship spots?
    3. Why do they recruit and give offers to more athletes than they have scholarships for?

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