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David Tescher is a Senior High School Student Athlete from Pine Crest High School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Tescher is a 1st year starter on the varsity Football Team (Wide Receiver) and Lacrosse (Athlete). Currently, he has interest from 3 different Colleges/Universities. How does he do it? Click the PLAY BUTTON ABOVE and find out!


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Biggest Weakness:

My fear of losing. Losing anything. Whether it’s on or off the field I’m very competitive. I really do have a phobia of losing and I hate it. Sometimes it gets to me…


Reality Check:

When my Coaches told me I was something special and that I’ll be able to do great things with the talents that I was given.

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Best Advice Received:

You can’t start the next chapter of your life when you keep re-reading the last one – Unknown


Best Quotes from David’s Interview:

“Surround yourself with only positivity. There will be negativity and people doubting your abilities, but you can’t dwell in that.”

“It all starts in the books and football takes up a ton of time and effort but that doesn’t stop me or any of my teammates from getting our work done”

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David’s 2015 Highlights:

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