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With the regular high school football season coming to an end this past weekend it’s time for a lot of student athletes to get busy with learning and engaging in the recruiting process. Join us tonight as we continue our weekly Playing the Recruiting Game – Sports Talk Recruiting Podcast as we take an in depth look at the importance of ‘Show Me The Money’.

When you get recruited you need to really understand that you are becoming a part of a machine.  You’re not there just because someone likes you or thinks that you are a great athlete.  You are there to fill a role…you are a commodity, a product, just like the pros but paid in a different way.

Colleges are businesses meaning colleges need to pay staff and other expenses. Colleges have budgets, and have to meet their expectations and financial goals.

Tonight’s show will focus on Module 2, Lesson 12 ‘Show Me The Money’ from the Playing the Recruiting Game Learning Management System Course with your hosts Ryan Stoutt and Glenn Stoutt.

The Points in Tonight’s Topic Will Be;

  • Point #1: If you Really Want the Money, You Have to Understand the Money…
  • Point #2: Did You Know That Most Athletic Departments Are Losing Money?
  • Point #3: What do you mean I am a dollar sign? How do colleges make money off of me?
  • Point #4: How do colleges/universities make their money?
  • Point #5: How do athletic programs make their money?

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