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SPORTS TALK RECRUITING – ‘Setting Goals and Winning the Game Every Day’

SPORTS TALK RECRUITING – ‘Setting Goals and Winning the Game Every Day’

Join us tonight as we continue our weekly Playing the Recruiting Game – Sports Talk Recruiting Podcast as we take an in depth look at the importance of ‘Setting Goals and Winning the Game Every Day’.

In last week’s show we discussed the importance of setting up and mastering the communications game plan.  The recruiting communications game plan is just the beginning of time management. When you get on the phone with  coaches, you will have a very short time to show them who you are, your performance during the week, your character, how well you are doing in school, and more.  Think about it, you are marketing yourself!

Tonight’s show will focus on Module 2, Lesson 1o from the Playing the Recruiting Game Learning Management System Course with your hosts Ryan Stoutt and Glenn Stoutt.

The Points in Tonight’s Topic Will Be;

  • Point #1: Recruiting Communications Game Plan is Just the Beginning of Time Management
  • Point #2: Preparation and Time Management You Do Will Show That You Have a Proven Track Record of Success
  • Point #3: Your Life in College Will Be Far More Than Recruiting and Sports
  • Point #4: Being Prepared and Able to Adapt to Changes All the Time

You also need to imagine, visualize and set this to memory; your life now and in college will be far more than recruiting and sports.  Life is never just one thing and one thing is certain; you have to be prepared and be able to adapt to changes all the time.   When you master time management, you will see immediate benefits now, in college, in your career, and; in your life.


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