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LIVE BROADCAST: South Broward Bulldogs vs Western Wildcats on HSPN Sports™ 6:45pm August 25th!

LIVE BROADCAST: South Broward Bulldogs vs Western Wildcats on HSPN Sports™ 6:45pm August 25th!


HSPN Sports™ live high school football is back. This is our 6th year of full live coverage of high school sports. Our season opener will be a non district matchup between the Bulldogs of South Broward and the Wildcats in Davie, Florida LIVE!

Live coverage begins at 6:45pm (EST) with a pregame show. Make sure to contact anyone that cannot make it to the game and copy and paste the link above and send it to them.

HSPN Sports™ wants to welcome back the 77 countries around the world that tune in to our live broadcasts as well as the 800+ college coaches nationwide.

HSPN™ is also excited to announce that during this past summer HSPN West™ was launched with our own Regional Director David Hill and his crew out of San Bernardino, California. David Hill and his crew will be covering the territory west of the Mississippi all the way to Japan, Quam and Okinawa. Check out all of this action by clicking on our new HSPN West™ link.

HSPN Sports™ is a proud supporter of Coach Ratkevich and the Wildcats this season and look forward to giving national exposure to their student athletes and their program(s). HSPN™ is also excited to have the teacher and the head of broadcasting at Western High School, Mr Daniel Burk, provide an energetic group of high school interns from his broadcasting classes that will be assisting us with the live, post and pregame production.

We will be highlighting impact players and outstanding student athletes that are enrolled in the PTRG Academy™ as well as those that are STEALTH Rated™.

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Stay tuned for all of our live action… and Go Wildcats!


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