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Stop Saying You’re A Hard Worker!

Stop Saying You’re A Hard Worker!

The odds of a High School Student Athlete ever being interviewed or speaking in front of a LIVE Camera are slim to none. In three years, Director of HSPN’s Character Training – Ryan Stoutt, has been challenged with making sure the Student Athletes are saying the right stuff.

“We’re just going to have a normal conversation.” This being one of the many lines Stoutt uses when preparing a Student Athlete for an Interview. “My favorite is recording the conversation before the interview.” “I have learned that if I record the pre “conversation” I tend to get the most authentic/natural answers from the Student Athletes.” – Stoutt says.

Outside of producing LIVE Broadcast, HSPN stands firm in it core values of- Character Training first then the pizzaz with a Live Broadcast. “Of our many goals, we spend the most time working intimately on the Student Athlete’s enunciation and articulation skills.””We believe if an Athlete can do those things in a Live Interview, we are confident those skills will translate when talking to a College Coach.”

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