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SPORTS TALK RECRUITING – The Recruiting Process Will Become Your Part Time Job

SPORTS TALK RECRUITING – The Recruiting Process Will Become Your Part Time Job

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Tonight’s Show Topics

Point #1: Time Management 101

Point #2: Researching Colleges, College Coaches and Your Online Reputation

Point #3: Where Will You Find the Extra Time?

Point #4: The More Time You Put in The More Successful You Will Be

*These Topics Come Directly From Module 2, Lesson 5 In The Learning Management System From playingtherecruitinggame.com

1_008On tonight’s show we talked about the important but most misunderstood topic in the recruiting process,’The Recruiting Process Will Become Your Part Time Job’… If you are one of the 1,000,000+ student athletes or parents of a student athlete that is not being being recruited you’ll need to pay close attention to this show.


photo credit maxpreps

photo credit maxpreps

Tonight we will go over the four points as well as having 3 guests on the show. The first guest is Coach Willis Peanut May, Head Football Coach Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL. along with student athlete Teddrick Moffett, Jr. Sr. QB Deerfield Beach Bucks, Deerfield Beach, Florida and Tristan Anderson Sr. OL Carol City Chiefs, Miami, Florida.


credit sfhs.cbslocal.com

credit sfhs.cbslocal.com

Coach May will talk about his role in the recruiting process and student athletes Moffett and Anderson will ask a question they have about the recruiting process.



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