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‘Inside the Game’ with Keyon and Kyron Ware-Hudson:  “Live from the Living room”

‘Inside the Game’ with Keyon and Kyron Ware-Hudson: “Live from the Living room”

1835485F-B372-476A-AF92-A06379EB3109February 6 marks the final day high school football seniors can sign a scholarship letter to attend a NCAA Division I college. Wednesday’s signing date is actually the calm after the storm insomuch as a majority of top high school football prospects had an opportunity commit to their respective colleges earlier on December 20. Ware-Hudson signed his commitment letter on December 20 to play college football for the Ducks and attend The University of Oregon next fall.

Keyon Ware-Hudson has remained calm, and committed throughout the various storms in his life. Ware-Hudson missed his entire junior season with an injury but remained one of the top recrutits for the Oregon Ducks this season. In fact, Ware-Hudson, a 6-2, 300 pound defensive lineman has been committed to Oregon since April of 2018, and Oregon remained committed to him as well.

In the world of college football recruiting, its rare to see commitments like those between Oregon and Ware-Hudson remain in tack. Many of the schools recruiting Ware-Hudson before his injury suddenly lost interest in him after missing his junior year. Ironically, the scouting and recruiting experts who subjectively rate and rank the top 100 high school football players in the country seem to lessen Ware-Hudson’s value after his injury as well, dropping his “star-rating” from four to three stars at one point. This was something that seemed to baffle his father, a long time high school coach himself.

The twenty-first century has brought us the most advanced technology and systems the world has ever seen, yet those of us in the world of high school football, and college football recruiting still wonder why there isn’t a more scientific/systematic method of evaluating high school football talent. Well, there actually is [stealthrating.com], but I’ll save that story for another day.

HSPN Sports recently spent time with the big defensive tackle, and his younger brother Kyron, who will be a star receiver at Mater Dei High School in the next couple of seasons, and his family. We talked about everything including the development of Keyon and Kyron as young men, and athletes. We talked about recruiting, coaching and of course, the arbitrary/subjective and misguided system of ranking and rating high school football players.

Join us each night this week on our HSPN YouTube Channel as we ramp up to the February 6 signing date. We will air segments of the interview I did in the family’s livingroom beginning tonight, and each night during prime time.

Parts I and II will air tonight. Parts III, IV, V and VI will air over the next couple of days with the final interview airing on Wednesday, February 6. Parts I through VI are now available on our YouTube channel

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