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HSPN Sports |The Recruiting Board | Elijah Gilbert #008

HSPN Sports |The Recruiting Board | Elijah Gilbert #008

FullSizeRenderElijah Gilbert is a Senior High School Student Athlete at Coral Springs High School in Coral Springs, FL. Elijah is a 1st-year starter for the Colt’s varsity Football Team (Cornerback/Wide receiver). Press the PLAY BUTTON ABOVE to listen to Elijah’s Interview!

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Biggest Weakness:

“When I wouldn’t believe in myself sometimes when people would talk down to me”


Reality Check:

My junior year of High School, right after the season. I decided to push myself to get better.

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Best Advice Received:

No matter what people say. It’s my job to prove them wrong.


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Elijah’s 2015 Highlights

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