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Coral Springs Charter Panthers Remain Undefeated in Big Victory 24-9 Over Last Years SFC Champion Calvary Christian Eagles

Coral Springs Charter Panthers Remain Undefeated in Big Victory 24-9 Over Last Years SFC Champion Calvary Christian Eagles

Early in the first quarter Calvary Christian took a fumble deep in the Panthers territory for 6 points and it looked (and felt) like the Eagles were getting ready for a repeat of the SFC Championship Game last year. (Eagles beat the Panthers for the Championship.)

millerThat ended quick when QB AJ Miller (View Aj’s Stealth Profilegot his offense to settle down and started connecting with his wide receivers on multiple split screen plays. Miller threw for 3 TD’s in a very controlled passing game with the majority of the completions being made under the coverage. One to Kalen Carson that Carson quickly took to the house.


CSCS (IP) KALEN CARSON#3Playing both ways and also on special teams, Carson was by far the overall workhorse. Kalen accounted for Panther TD’s as well as making great athletic defensive plays, keeping the ball away from the Eagle’s receivers that could have turned into TD’s.

The Panthers defense came out on a mission to ‘protect the den’ and completely shut down the Eagles offense not allowing them to score. Panthers with a chip on their shoulder had something to prove since their last meeting with the SFC Championships.  The only points the Eagles could muster in last night’s contest were on a fumble recovery for a TD and a safety called on Miller when he got called for intentional grounding in his own endzone, both against the Panthers offense. Besides Carson’s aggressive defensive play, Zach Weber, #6 DB (View Zach’s Stealth Profile), LB #9 Cam Perez, DL/OL # 64 Chris Judge lead the Panthers defense shutting down both the Eagles rushing game and passing game.

CSCS (IP) Cam Perez







photo credit to hudl

photo credit to hudl

And it goes without saying that very few kickers in high school around the nation ever attempt a 50yd FG, but that’s not true for Panthers Sander Bloshinsky. Sander pumped one through from 50yds out that went right through the uprights for 3pts.

The Panthers are now definitely in the driver’s seat to make their way back to the Championship Game this season, still undefeated with over half way through the season. But don’t be surprised that they meet the Eagles again and it might be right back in FAU Stadium in Boca Raton for a rematch of the SFC CHAMPIONSHIP.

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