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About Us


The 2019 Fall Football season will be HSPN Sports 8th year of LIVE & Recorded coverage of High School Sports in South Florida and we’re excited for you to be a part of it!

High School Programming Network™ (HSPN™) strives to provide, what teams call, the D1 Experience! With our National Exposure to 894 College Coaches, we have bridged the gap for taking your Team right to the Coaches Computer Screen. They won’t miss a thing!

Your Student Athletes come first! HSPN is dedicated to your team and making sure they receive the necessary exposure!

What we Do Not focus on solely:

  1. Team Ranking – ‘Any team can be on our network’
  2. Top Athletes – ‘All Qualified Student Athletes receive coverage’
  3. Biggest Match-ups – ‘Any game can make our schedule’

“We understand the necessary support you need for your football programs to flourish at the Local & National level. We have committed ourselves to to those that commit to us.” “All programs are welcome under the HSPN family.” – Director – Ryan Stoutt


The odds of a High School Student Athlete ever being interviewed or speaking in front of a LIVE Camera are slim to none. In three years, Director of HSPN’s Character Training – Ryan Stoutt, HSPN Director/Producer, has been challenged with making sure the Student Athletes are saying the right stuff.

Outside of producing LIVE Broadcast, HSPN stands firm in it core values of- Character Training first then the pizzaz with a Live Broadcast. “Of our many goals, we spend the most time working intimately on the Student Athlete’s enunciation and articulation skills.””We believe if an Athlete can do those things in a Live Interview, we are confident those skills will translate when talking to a College Coach.”


The HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMMING NETWORK™ (HSPNSPORTS™) is a Sports Programming Network specifically design for our Live Network Broadcasts and our Recorded Archived Broadcasts. HSPNSPORTS™ is the perfect broadcast hub for College Coaches, High School Coaches and Players because full games are archived in their entirety.

HSPNSPORTS™ is the #1 High School Sports Network that Broadcasts Live High School Sports & High School Events in the nation.

HSPNSPORTS™ uses local high school and college students as interns to help run the broadcasts giving them the opportunity to learn a skill that can enable them to apply it practically in the Broadcast Industry.  HSPNSPORTS™ is currently in talks with local school boards, colleges and universities to introduce this to them for the potential of  having future student accreditation at these institutions for their involvement and participation in our network.

HSPNSPORTS™ is involved with thousands of student athletes around the nation. We team up with the PTRG Academy™ which is an Online Learning Management Educational Platform that gives student athletes of all sports the opportunity to learn personal development skills with an emphasis on the entire recruiting process along with the needed national exposure to use their athletic ability help pay for a great education. Through proven techniques and our newest student athlete learning management system website, PTRG Academy™ student athletes learn how to successfully to get to the next level. PTRG Academy™ Online Learning Management Educational Program takes a ‘Business Approach’ to the process while empowering student athletes to develop personal development skills to further their higher education through the use of their athletic ability. We address vital issues concerning transitional phases of primary and secondary education through Sports and Academic Advisory Camps and Athletic Scholarships /Grant & Aid Assistance Programs for college.

And through our athletic sponsorship program with Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation™ www.kdafoundation.org we make sure ALL student athletes of every socioeconomic area get a chance to learn how to successfully navigate the process… No student athletes are left behind…